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Bubble, Squeak & a Nuclear Explosion

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Once upon a time there were two rabbits called Bubble and squeak. they were best friends, every day they would play together, chase mice and go exploring. one day, they went further than they were supposed to. they came to a strange place. it was loud, and coming out of the fields they saw that it was black and long like a river, but it was solid. Squeak stepped out.   Bubble said \"don\'t- anything could happen!\" but squeak didn\'t care. all of a sudden, a huge metal creature, noisy creature came around the corner. Squeak was flattened out over 3 metres of the river thing. Bubble had lost his best friend, he was upset, angry, and he fell into a deep depression, he had no one to play with. Suddenly he rembered the time machine.

Bubble rushed to the burrow and looked in the secret compartment where he and squeak had built it. he put a plutonium rod into it and set it to 5 minuits ago.

he saw himself and squeak- he ran up to them and said \"no- you\'ll get yourself killed!\" himself and squeak looked at him in surprise. suddenly the time machine made a bang and smoke came out from it. then vicious bloodthirsty zzombie rabbits came from the machine and started to attack everyone and everything- they were unstoppable so bubble kicked the machine and set off a chain reaction which set the rod into meltdown, which caused a giant nuclear explosion.

he killed the past self, the future self, squeak and the vicious bloodthirsty zombie rabbits.

he had saved the world- well the half that\'s left anyway.


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