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Flowers for Algernon

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“Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keys

Daniel Keys had always been curious to what would happen if human intelligence could be artificially increased. The thought was encouraged when a young mentally challenged boy approached Keys in wonder if he would ever be smart enough to join the regular class. This thought stayed with Daniel Keys for awhile and eventually inspired to write “Flowers for Algernon”. A short story about a man named Charlie Gordon, who like this boy was also in search of acceptance despite his low IQ. Yet he is still kind and determined even thought he is mentally challenged.

Charlie Gordon desired nothing more then to become smart, in hopes that with intelligence along came acceptance. He was so motivated to do well and really tried his best.   Charlie might have gotten a little flustered after failing, but he never gave up. Even after many losses against Algernon the mouse at the mazes Charlie kept trying. “Dr. Strauss said I have something that is very good. He said I have good motivation…I felt proud when he said not everyone with an eye-Q of 68 had that”. Even after Charlie’s IQ began to increase this same motivated trait that Charlie had always possessed still shown thought. When he began to relies that Algernon’s IQ was beginning to decrease he really put his mind to figuring out the cause. Charlie was completely dedicated to solve the problem.

Not only is Charlie Gordon exceptionally motivated person, but he is also very caring. Even the smallest thing he would feel bad for, like when Charlie beat Algernon at the mazes Charlie felt sorry for the mouse. And especially when Algernon died he went almost every weak to put flowers on his grave. He showed the same caring nature when he was at the restaurant and saw people making fun of the mentally challenged boy and he got very angry at the people who were making fun of the boy. It is not difficult to see that Charlie is a humane and kind person, but...


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