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National Independence from Britain War of 1776 and 1812

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National independence is when a nation is independent from other nations. There are many examples of this, but one is America being independent from Great Britain. That war was fought in 1776, but another war in 1812 was fought and is sometimes considered the Second War for American Independence, which I believe to not be true.

The original war for independence was brought on by the American colonist wanting to have their own government and not be ruled by Britain. The British were not about to give up their colonies because money was made there by taxing the people for goods and if Britain got into a war, they could have the colonies fight for them.

There were hostilities in America such as the Boston Tea Party where Americans boycotted British goods. The British forces started to force their way into peoples homes and the agitated the American colonists. The colonist started taking action by attacking the British troops by doing things such as tar and feathering them. Once the British learned of these acts, the war was declared which won American independence.

A little before the war of 1812 the U.S. wanted to expand westward, but the French owned that land. Jefferson negotiated a deal with Napoleon for $15 million for Louisiana. Settlements were established in that territory, which was also where many Indians resided. This led to battles and many deaths on both sides, but especially the Indians.

Expansion seemed to get into the heads of the Americans, they also wanted Canada (which they did not get). Some Americans, which were mostly republican, wanted the whole North America. The British started taking the side of the Indians, an enemy to the U.S., and had great warriors such as Tecumseh fight against the Americans.

The question that I raise is how can a country fight for independence twice? If independence was already achieved, how can it be gained again? Yes the U.S. was buying Louisiana from France and trying to gain...


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