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Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar was a big Dictator. He was very power hungry and wanted to be in charge of everything he did. He was assonated for being to power hungry he was thought of a threat to the senate in result assonated by the senate. Julius Caesar’s was a dictator throughout his political years.

Julius Caesar was born on July13th 100BCE to Gaius and Auriliea.   Julius Caesar has been involved in politics as early of 20 years old. . When Julius was little he lived in the worst time of the Roman. The city was attacked numerous of times. Government and religious positions when he was around 20 years Julius’s the ruler of Rome was Caius Marius. Marius Marring his father’s sister related Julius to the ruler. Marius left Rome because he became unpopular. Julius’s father became praetor and later became Governor. As you can see from reading this paragraph you can see that some people were involved in politic

Julius Caesar was murdered on the ides of March also known as March 15th 44 one is that was witnessed by Julius Caesar’s biographer he was also present at the murder of Julius Caesar’s murder. The Senate very well planed the murder of Julius Caesar. They got Julius’s best friend Brutus. They had sixty people and Marcus Julius Brutus, Gaius Cassius Longinus, Decimus Brutus Albinus, and Gaius Trebonius stared charging at Julius with dagger at least stabbing him twenty- three times, when stabbing him they were standing on the base of the pompey statue. Every one stabbed him at least once.   After killing Julius Caesar the senators fled. The senators killed him because he was trying to become king. As you can see Julius Caesar had an unexpected death.

Julius Caesar was a big dictator and was very power hungry. Julius Caesar entered the political era part of his life through 77-59 BCE. Julius Caesar had numerous of political jobs such as General of Rome, Statesmen, Consol, and head of roman army. Julius Caesar was part of the triconsols that held one of his...


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