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Gregorik Andras

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Thin fabric

Gregorik Andras AN312.16

I.Thick fabric


III.Three types of prose narration

IV.The Augustan novel


\"...no matter what kind of pleasure may await his senses,

unless it serves exclusively the glory of God,

he needs to cut it off of him, giving it up

out of his love towards

Jesus Christ...\"1


Taking its time to establish a radically theological point of view, this essay aims to apply it to the body of novel literature in 18th century England, probing and inquiring it whether it is in support of Christianity as laid down in the New Testament or not. It assumes the stance of an advocate of \"the narrow path\", the strict and unforgiving measuring scale of those few taking the Christian way of life truly seriously. Thus, the arguments and deductions featured herein - which are the actual purpose of the piece - may well   strike materialist and novel-advocate minds as unnotable and subjective. The author, on the other hand, is firmly convinced - on the grounds of faith - that the conclusions to come are as objective as it is possible, being based on the revelations of the Holy Trinity. All views and opinions featured are his own except where signified.

First of all, we may start the discussion with an analogy that sets the mood and aligns the frame of mind to the possible uncommonness of the argument system to be introduced. The images of this analogy will also come handy later and might ease the essay\'s overall understanding for those unaccustomed to the exclusively religious take on life.

Picture, if you will, a high wall and thousands of bricks it is comprised of; now picture one of the single bricks coming to life, finding itself as part of the wall. This brick in the wall is unable to measure the dimensions of the...


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