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Anne Frank 7

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    Anne Frank: The Whole Story   is a movie filled with sorrow and horrification .

It was one of the many saddest events that occurred in the history of the world. In the following paragraphs you will be reading a summary or a “movie review”, what ever might call it, about Anne Frank. At the end of the review I will write about my opinion to the movie.

The characters in this movie were great actors. They acted so realistic that it looked as if it was occurring live from the scene of the action. All of the characters were excellent , especially the women when they got their hair cut off in the concentration camp.

The movie showed some scenes of Adolph Hitler when he was announcing   his speeches, by showing these footage the director made the movie seem more realistic and as if they were filming it live as it happened.

The whole movie was historically accurate to what I know, it also had accurate details. For example the setting.

The setting was set up carefully with many details, as if it was happening while they were filming. The movie came out fantastic and it look realistic.  

In this movie there are many conflicts. The biggest one was probably when Anne and her family get caught by the guards and get send to the concentration camp where they suffered the most when being ripped apart from their loved ones, and getting treated like garbage. This movie was sorrowful and some parts terrifying, for example, when the Jews        

                                                                                                                                  page 2

getting killed for no reason, just because they were Jewish. These aspects were affective in the movie because it helps the movie look more realistic and more historical. The creators do a good job capturing empathy because the audience knew who were the characters and knew what was going on, most of the audience were hooked on it.


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