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Racism denies human beings the basic equality and dignity which as children of God we deserve.

Racism is a sin. It is a sin because it divides our community, blots out the image of God among members of society and violates basic human pride. Racism is the sin that says some human beings are innately superior and others basically inferior because of the colour of their skin.

I chose the theme RACISM, because of many factors. I have always viewed racism as being, whites against blacks, because that is what I was taught by those in authority , the media and society overall, even my history classes at school have caused me to have this narrow minded view. Research, however has caused me to think differently, I have read stories, newspaper articles and watched interviews on television, regarding racism, and I have discovered that racism is not a “white thing”, instead, it is a “human thing”. It does not relate to any particular; colour, religion, country, race or culture.

The two pieces; “On the other hand” and “A cry for equality” seek to emphasize the On the other hand” there is a white bwoy, who is living in a black dominated society. In the story he is being persecuted by black racist individuals.   In the other piece “A cry for equality”, the persona is angry at the treatment which whites get, and which he is not given. Being a black man he is tired of this and is crying out in frustration. The two pieces show both sides to the issue of black and white racism.

The first piece “On the other hand,” is a short story, while the second piece, “A cry for equality” is a poem. Both pieces are meant for mature audiences.

Incidents, both, international and local, call our attention to the continuing racial tensions in our society. To address racism, we need it recognize two things: that it exists in a variety of forms, some more subtle and others more obvious; and that there is...


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