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Fire Song

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Fire Song

By William Nicholson

This book is based around Bowmen Hath and Kestrel Hath who are twins. Both embark on journey with their friend Mumpo, to save their people, the Manth. This book begins after they escape with their family and a group of friends from an evil Priest/Warlord Albard and his Mastery.

As they go on there journey the face foes of nature and of great evil. Bowmen is the kind sensitive type. He knows his time is running out, soon some people will arrive and take him on a journey from which he will never return form. However he dose not know who or how that person will look like. Bowmen is unique, his special gift sets him apart from everyone else. He is able to discover what a persons most darkest secrets are just by focusing on them, read their minds and identify every move they are going to make, block projectiles with the power of his mind.

Kestrel on the other hand, is the more impulsive of the pair. She posses the same gifts as Bowmen, however not as strong. Kestrel is the schemer, she thinks of plans on the fly when she has to, and is willing to get her hands dirty if she has to. She believes that her heart is cold and unable to love the person who’s willing to give up his life for her, Mumpo. Mumpo is the warrior, once marching with the evil army, “ The Zars”. He is Quick, strong, agile and good with a multitude of weapons.

Bowmen and Kestrel’s mother Ira Hath is a prophet, able to tell the future of what is going to happen and what should be going on and what is not. However her gift is also her curse, the more she prophesies the weaker she becomes. Ira’s Husband Hanno Hath is the leader of their group. With his wife’s ability to tell if they are going the right direction to the “Homeland” or not he is prepared to take responsibility of every ones lives including the lives of his closest friends.

The mood the author has written within the book is that of an era with very...


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