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Requiring School Uniform

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If the school considering requiring all students to wear uniform during school, this is not a good idea that all students think. It is because nowadays, teenager want to have their own style and wear whatever they want. They don\'t want anyone to force them wear the uniform. And they want to give any others students or friends saw their best look, best look can take give other students or friends\' attention, they can attract other students by the look or style they wear. So most students will think wear their clothes are better than the school uniform.

  First, some of the students think wear their clothes are the habit they they do that everyday. So they won\'t like to wear the uniform. And most the girls like to wear some clothes that can attract other boys to look at them and their friends will said they are so cool. Then the boys will date them and the girls will feel so happy and have another boyfriend. And in the other way, some of the boys always want to wear their clothes and look so cool to attract other girls, so they can have the other girlfriends. That is one reason they students like to wear their clothes and not uniform.

  Second, some of the uniform in other school was so ugly or outdate. It is because the school teacher or principal don\'t know what the students like or what style do the students want to wear. Every students have their own style and their won\'t have the same idea as the other students. So the school cannot make a uniform to content all the students. And the other things is the students will think wear the school uniform was so dumb and stupid, and they think that the people in outside will laugh at them or make fun on them.

  Third, the students want to be free, they want to have all the freedom. United state is a freedom country, they think they can wear the clothes in their way. It is because uniform maybe is some pressure for the students, they don\'t want school to force them to wear it. Uniform give the...


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