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Ww2 Pearl Harbor

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On Dec 7th, 1941 Pearl Harbor island of Oahu in Hawaii which was attacked by Japanese Navy forces at about 7:55am in the morning. Over 33% of Hawaii’s population was of Filipino, Native Hawaiian, Chinese, Korean, and white were killed. When the bombs fell on Pearl Harbor many land, property, boats, and other places were destroyed by anti aircraft (AA) shells or 50 calibers anti aircraft rounds that fell into the local neighborhoods surrounding Pearl Harbor.

The 7 December 1941 Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor was one of the great unbelievable moments in history. A single carefully planned japans military attacked the United States Navy\'s battleship force as a possible threat to the Japanese Empire\'s southward expansion. America was unprepared and now considerably weakened by Japan and was brought or dragged into the Second World War again.

Eighteen months earlier, President Franklin D. Roosevelt had transferred the United States Task forces to Pearl Harbor as a told by Japanese aggression. The Japanese military, deeply engaged in the apparently endless war it had started against China in mid-1937, badly needed oil and other raw materials. In July 1941 the Western powers stop the trade with Japan. From then on, as the desperate Japanese schemed to seize the oil and mineral in the East and Southeast Asia, a Pacific war was the only thing that was inevitable easily.

By late November 1941, with peace negotiations was coming to an complete end with the axis power, informed U.S. officials (and they were well-informed, they believed, through an ability to read Japan\'s diplomatic codes) they fully expected a Japanese attack into the Indies, or Malaya and probably the Philippines. Completely unexpected was the prospect of Japan would attack east, as well. To get what they wanted, land, food, oil, etc…

An aircraft carrier force reached the U.S. Pearl Harbor base, and the Japanese Navy secretly sent one across the Pacific with greater aerial...


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