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The Driving Age

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The media seems to have developed a grudge against teenage drivers recently. They claim that these young people should not be allowed on the road because they cause accidents, when teens cause no more accidents than adults do. Incredibly the government seems to share this blind prejudice and has set an unacceptably high driving age. Due to this unwanted hindrance young adults are forced to take the extremely unreliable public transport, causing them to be late for whatever daily commitment they have. Even if teens to cause as much mayhem as the government claims they do, they should be given a chance to improve on themselves, not wait for themselves to become safer.

An extremely obvious fact that both the government and the media have overlooked is that age does not make a person safe. Which is why adults cause accidents just as much as teenagers do. However the government refuses to see what is plainly under their nose and sets a unjust driving age in the hope that it will reduce the country’s number of road accidents. Bear in mind that adults, who have the exact same rate of accidents, are allowed to roam freely on the road. This shows how biased the government is.

The high driving age also creates problems for all the young people who are not allowed to drive on their own, especially university students. They are usually forced to take the highly unreliable and mismanaged public transport. As the services are usually delayed or overloaded, it causes the young people to be late for their daily commitments. They also have to pay more and suffer the added frustration. It is amazing that the government is not spending more energy on the system instead of bullying teenagers.

Instead of taking the easy way out, the government should tackle the problem at its roots. Young people usually cause accidents because of lack of experience or awareness, or both. So the government should provide education of some sort to help young...


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