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Different Places

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I always love to go on vacation to different places. Some people prefer to stay at home or go to beach. However, I like to travel very much. When I travel I feel I learn a lot about cultures, traditions, customs and more. If you like to spend your vacation with freinds, you will probably go to Las Vegas or other entertaining places. The most unusual plases that I have ever visited are Moscow, London and Las Vegas.

First, I like to visit Moscow. Moscow is the capital of Russia. It is one of the largest cities in the world. The population of Moscow is more than eight million people. Moscow is situated on both sides across the Long Moskva . There are ten unsual bridges across the Moskva River. As an illustration, Moskva is a big industrial city. The heart of Moscow is the unique Kremlin. Red Square   is the most beautiful place in Moscow . Also, Moscow is famous for its restaurants, cafes, rich art galleries and more. Moreover, is famous historical monuments and nightclubs ,too.Moscow has rich libraries ,too. Lenin\'s library is the largest library in the world. Additionally, Moscow subway is the biggest in the world. People in Moscow are kind, polite, sociable, helpful, friendly and talkative. I like this city because it is unique.

Second, I like to visit London. London is the capital of Great Britain. The popoulation of London is more than nine million people. Tha capital is situated on both sides on the Thames. There are fourteen bridges across the Thames. London has many interesting places. For example, the West End London has historical   monuments, rich art galleries, beautiful green parks, various gift shops, beautiful restaurants, and more. Moreover, this city has no houses , only large office buldings. Also, the poor poeple live in the East End.   In addition, people in London are polite and talkative. They are never too tired to say   \"Thank you\" and \"Sorry\".

Finally, I like to visit Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the...


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