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Women in Ancient Greece

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Women in Ancient Greece were always very bust people. Whether it was caring for children or taking to their households, they almost never had free time on their hands. How women were treated back then is definitely different from the strong women of today’s! Nevertheless, for one thing, we are really lucky that we live today because women in Ancient Greece worked hard labor and tough times on a day-to-day basis ALWAYS!

When a baby was born and presented to the father, mostly girls were rejected and put to death usually by drowning! However, if the baby girl was accepted she was put to work almost as soon as she was physically able to. Not including young girls in Sparta, children of that nature (girls) everyday, were to help their mothers considering housework and learning to be a good housewife themselves once they were to be married at whatever pretty age their parents thought necessary. One Athenian woman on education had once stated, teaching young girls to read and write? It is like feeding more poison to a vile snake! Much like women, girls were totally and strictly forbidden to leave the households. Surprisingly, Spartan girls went to school between the ages of six and seven. During that time then on through the age of 18, they were taught wrestling, gymnastics, and combat skills along with many other academic subjects such as reading and math. All and all, basically, girls especially in Athens had no education whatsoever and therefore, never really had any major jobs other than to have children when they grew up. Despite the fact that most people during the Ancient Greek times thought that women especially girls were hopeless never really thought that as boys were at school and in the gymnasium all the time, girls did and accomplish much more during their young ages!

In order to have legitimate children to bear, women must have been married first. If an unmarried woman under 18 was to get pregnant, she would have been considered a shameful...


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