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Wind is one of the most destructive forces of our environment. Just recently we have seen the effects of two massive hurricanes in Florida of the United States. Houses torn down, uprooted trees and smashed cars are just some of the damage these two caused. Lives have also been lost due to these roaring monsters and there’s a third brewing again.

There’s also tornadoes, also known as twisters, which also occur frequently in the US. The aftermath of them is basically the same except for the face that tornadoes are further inland. They can do some extraordinary things, such as pick up small pieces of debris, like money, and even living creatures like fish and deposit them on another continent.

Winds of great force that occurs out to sea can cause abnormally large oceanic swells. If these swells travel to land they can reach hundreds of meters high. This is called a tsunami. They have the power to destroy everything in its path for kilometres inland and drown thousands of people. They can be caused by a variety of reasons but the most common is oceanic, gale–forced winds.

Even normal wind can have unbelievable strength. Gales that tear through cities and suburbs are strong enough to rip roofs off houses. Usually, after one of these, the affected area will need extensive repairs.

Though winds can cause us harm, it is also one of our most important resources. Wind powered electrical generators provide us with fifteen percent of our power. It is also a sustainable energy source, which means it will not run out like coal or natural gases. Giving an endless supply of power until the day the Earth dies.

Without wind, the first explorers of France, England, etc will not have discovered Australia or North America. This is because their ships at the time were driven by wind. Also, without wind, many international trade routes and alliances between countries will never have been found or formed. Ships of...


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