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The Reign of God

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An introduction to Christian theology            

From a Seventh - day Adventist Perspective

Richard Rice

This book introduces to the major Christian doctrine that includes the distinctive concerns of Seventh-day Adventists. It has four major objectives. The first is a degree of comprehensiveness. This work is not a full-fledged theological system, but it seeks to explore enough of what Christian believe to communicate a reliable sense of the faith is all about. The second is an exercise in theology. This book seeks to encourage students to begin a careful consideration of their own religious beliefs, so they will be thinkers in their own right own right and not mere reflection of other’s thoughts. The third is this work is directed to general students, not necessarily those majoring in religious studies. Finally, this work is also traditional in its approach. It proceeds on the conservative assumption that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and provides us with reliable knowledge matters of ultimate importance.

I read 9 chapters. This book is general about SDA perspective and changes my mind.   The first is faith and reason. Many people feel that faith or personal trust in God, and reason stand in conflict each other. Second, it give me know better about Bible. How the Bible came into existence and the question of biblical inerrancy is important. Third, this book is well-organized and I like Study help. I can read in major points. This book also give some answers to my unsure about Jesus. About Jesus’ resurrection, the author give some primes and led me to an answer.


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