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The North American Continent

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There is tremendous difference in the way the native Indians used to live off the land and the way American Settlers are destroying the land even as we speak for the purpose of profit.   The author of this story is trying to convey the damage and destruction wrought on by the Europeans in the relatively few years of habitation of the lands of America.   The difference is not only cultural but also spiritual.   While Native Indians viewed the land on which they lived as sacred, the European settlers arrived with the aim of exploitation, not only of the land but also of the native people.

When you think about the creation the continents, beginning with Pangaea, how the landscape must have been very beautiful in its most natural setting.   Imagine the great mountain ranges and the incredible forests and natural hillsides and plains and prairies that make up the countryside.   It must have been breathtaking to be able to see the landscape of present day America in its natural state.   As the water table began to recede, the first humans began to cross the Bering Straight to inhabit North America and South America.   Travel to South America was made possible thought the Isthmus of Panama.  

Only now are we beginning to appreciate what the Native Indians were trying to convey to us.   Native Indians have been living off the land and had not desire for industry or great wealth.   They did not have a significant impact on the landscape.   Europeans consumed the land away from the Indians starting with gold and silver.   Vegetables such as potatoes and squash and tomatoes found their way back to Europe as did plants for medicines.

Some of the more impressive aspects of the native Indians were the creation of many languages and many cultures.   They expressed their creativity in their poetry and dance and rituals and ceremonies.   Some rituals could last for days.   The first Europeans had to be amazed to witness the exotic rituals that had never been seen before....


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