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The Protestant Reformation

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I walked around town thinking about the Reformation that would make great impacts on the history of my village in Germany and other lands.   Most people in Europe are prayer people who accept all aspects of the church, whether or not they personally believed in the idea or not. These aspects included indulgences.   With the Reformation, my homeland and the people that surround it had their social beliefs changed dramatically. We now doubted the truth of indulgences, and even questioned our moral standing. Our society started thinking about ourselves.   We didn't believe everything we heard, no matter who it was from.   Our social standpoint was modified and different from before.

Our standpoint politically was well modified also. Throughout the reformation, our religious group was in argument with another. The Christian faith, we use to have, was now being split up at a disorderly pace. What once was all Roman Catholic, was now split up in Lutheran, Calvinist, The Church of England, and also the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church was now in battle with Martin Luther.

In the future, I am sure the Reformation will impact the development of our history and land.   In my vision, I believe a true Christianity was based on "faith, grace, and Scripture, alone." This is obviously quite different than my old Roman Catholic belief. With the effects of the Reformation, my ideas and philosophies became more open, and spread out. I changed my view on the world, and Christianity.   In the future, I can only hope that the other people will come to Protestant beliefs and join my people to the way God wanted the Church to be.


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