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The Reformation of the Church of England

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On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther took a stand against the Church of England.   He was troubled by the way the churches were embezzling money from the people.   The pope and priest became wealthy and lived in a life of pleasure using money to make their life better.   They never helped the poor people but instead demanded more money for churches while telling the people they would get their sins removed by donating to the church.   Personally, I think that the reformation was a good thing since it made the popes and priests finally spread the faith of the religion that was needed.   The reformation allowed all believers to get the equal opportunity to believe in God and be respected without the use of lots of money.

However, the reformation should not have taken place with violence.   The revolts and robbing is a reason why the reformation should have been prevented and stopped.   The good people and clergy should have settled their problems with communication, not uproar and commotion.   Also, princes used Luther's ideas for their own personal good to gain power and wealth.   Luther's teachings were used to seize property, not bring more faith to the people.   The reformation also split up the religion into Protestants and Catholic.   To this very day, they are still split up and segregated from one another.   I think the reformation was good and bad for all the above reasons but it should be put into account that any problems would be better off settled with peace and negotiation.


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