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Uae Expatriate Workers

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Have you ever heard that the UAE has one of the highest foreign expatriates due to their population? The statistics show that more then 70% of population are foreign, especially from countries like India, Pakistan and Iran. In this essay, I am going to discuss the causes and effects of having foreign labourers in the UAE.

When the oil was discovered on the UAE, there were few national engineers, so there was a high demand for foreign engineers to manage the oil field. The UAE has been developed after the oil discovered, so the infrastructure was needed more labourers to build it. So that led to a sudden increase of foreign labours. There are many reasons that make the UAE the most interesting place for Asian labors to work. First of all, the highly salary in relation to their country. Compared to the workers here and the place where they come from. The labours here get a higher salary than the employees in their countries. In addition, there are no taxes here so the labor can save a lot of his salary. Finally, the foreign labors are almost cheaper than local, so most companies recruit them instead of locals.

There are many consequences of having foreign labours. First of all, the number of foreign labours has been increased, while there are a lot of post-graduate locals that haven’t employment until now. Moreover, the foreign labours may have bad habits, so they might change or influence the heritage and traditions of nationals.

In conclusion, the more foreign labours we have, the more problems we get. So we have to reduce foreign labors to teach nationals who to hold responsibilities of their country.


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