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History of Claude Monet

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Claude Monet was born in Paris in 1840 his family moved to La Havre in 1845. Claude Monet was a very interesting painter. He learned many new techniques and methods in the 86 years of his life. The lush landscape, character, and the beauty of Paris inspired Monet. His paintings reflect this inspiration. Claude Monet was considered an Impressionist painter. (Pioch 1) Monet’s paintings captured scenes of middleclass life and the ever-changing qualities of sunlight in nature. His technique of applying bright, unmixed colors in quick, short strokes became a hallmark of impressionism. (Thomson 1).

Life was a struggle in the beginning days of his career; there were many financial burdens. Monet used his painting expertise to gain personal and financial gratification. Monet’s style and technique of painting is still admired and used by many artists today

Claude Monet was a man of many art talents. He gained his fame for the painting “The Picnic” in 1865. Monet was very careful in covering his tracks in his paintings so that he could “prevent anyone seeing how it is done”. (House 63) His technique of layering his paints and accenting the finished product made it impossible for anyone else to copy his style. He was a caricturist, open-air Painter, and an impressionist. The painting “A corner of the Apartment” is a great demonstration of his excellent brushwork, showing all of the Orange, Red, Green, Blue, and Gold colors to make a perfect painting.

Claude Monet spent his youth years in Le Havre, he first excelled as a caricaturist but was then converted to landscape painting by his early mentor Boudin from whom he derived his firm predilection for painting out of doors. (Pioch 1). He was born undisciplineable, “no one was ever able to make me stick to the rules, and so growing up for him was easy. ” (Monet 1). Around noon everyday he would frolic in the sea and run atop the cliff-sides. His parents moved to Le Havre for business in1845. Monet’s mother...


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