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Henry Iv Part One

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  In Henry IV Part One Hal achieves great honour, and proves himself truly ready to be King. However, he has only achieved this at the expense of others. In the play we find out how he has gone from ‘Eastcheap rogue’ to ‘battlefield warrior.’  


  In the beginning, Hal and his obese friend Falstaff, are two rednecks that act like children. They get drunk and like to party, having no seriousness in their lives. Hal abuses his power as Prince by paying all of Falstaff’s Bills. He has behaved in immature and ruthless way, has gained no respect from the public and likes to joke about being king.


  The king has serious fears and doubts that Hal is ill fit to take over from him as being king. He wishes Hal was more like Hotspur, a great leader and also very brave. Hal’s father influences him to be more like himself and Hotspur. He believes he is behaving the same way as Richard while Hotspur wins the respect and admiration, which may one day; help him to win the crown. For example when the King says, ‘As thou art to this hour was Richard then’ & ‘And even as I was then is Percy now.’

This shows just how different Hal is to what his father wants him to be. He apologises to his father, explains his conduct and promises to reform.

  We find out that Hal wishes Falstaff will take things a bit more seriously and actually help him become what he should already be. This shows a change in him. Furthermore, in the battle where Falstaff fakes his death, Hal says ‘I should have a heavy miss of thee if I were much in vanity.’ This indicates to us just how much Hal has matured and grown apart from Falstaff. In relation to this he has just lost a best friend. To become what he is now, Hal has done it at the expense of Falstaff.

  Before, the Prince could only use words to express his loyalty to his father but now his sword speaks even more powerfully for him. He rescues his father from the Earl of Douglas and...


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