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The Love of Love

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The virtues of Christianity stand so high above all ‘practices’.   What ‘social practice’ has as its’ praised and adored hero one who teaches, “love your enemies”, or “do good to all”? .  

What great virtue is promoted to all when the lessons are “give”, “love”, “bless”, “do good”.

Any Nation with a great complement of its inhabitants attaining to this ideal will truly be a paradise.   A paradise that is so much more preferable to those of simply sun, sand and sea.

Christianity is the only ‘practice’ that has unconditional love as its epicenter.   Religions there are of all sorts, and all except Christianity have issues of ‘exclusions’.   Christianity correct says total inclusion, love, peace, justice, equality.   The God of Christianity defends life, love and liberty.   Ideal ideals.

There is such a psychological benefit to those who live for and with Him.   They know that His position is that of ever enduring love.   Knowing that He has said, “…I will never leave you, nor forsake you” (Heb. 13:5b) is an emotional plus.  

What a psychological advantage for the individual who serves Him.   There is great reassurance when you know, “A good God of Love is always by my side” through every phase of life, as an individual, and also as a Nation.

It seems to be very basic that leaders promote this ‘practice’ within their lands.   For the psychological, and the spiritual well being of the people.  

It seems practical sense to elevate these kinds of precepts above all other sorts of concepts.

Imagine a nation that truly practices the virtues of Christianity, love, kindness, humility, patience, etc. and then imagine a nation that does the opposite.   Which makes for success and true happiness?

Presidents and Prime Ministers should truly put Christianity under the microscope.   They should analyze its core.   From a social and economic point of view; see...


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