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Hamlet and Isolation

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Hamlet lives in a Kingdom of lies, and betrayal.   He does not trust the new King Claudius and becomes isolated from everyone in the Kingdom.   Hamlets isolation is caused by his responsibilities to himself, to his father, and responsibilities as the prince.   These responsibilities take over Hamlets life and do not allow him to have time to think about what he is doing.   When he is not true to his responsibility he avoids it.  

Hamlets self responsibilities add to his isolation throughout the play.   Hamlet feels his own responsibility is to carry on, and keep on going.   He says in his first soliloquy:   “O, that this too too-solid flesh would melt, thaw, and resolve itself into a dew! Or that the Everlasting had not fix’d his canon ‘gainst self-slaughter! God! O God!” (1.2 129-32).   Hamlet wishes to be dead, he thinks it is the easy way out.   It is his responsibility to not kill himself, because it is a sin.   Hamlet does not decide to kill himself, to save his soul.   This causes him isolation, because he wishes he was dead and away from it all.   Hamlet is following his responsibility to not commit suicide, although he still wishes to be dead.   This attitude of wanting to die, keeps Hamlet isolated from everyone else, because Hamlet does not want to be around everything.   Hamlets self responsibilities continue when he hears of how his father died.   Hamlet said immediately after hearing from the dead king: “Haste me to know’t; that I, with wings as swift as meditation or thoughts of love, May sweep to my revenge.”   (1.5 29-31)   This revenge to Claudius is Hamlets revenge, as he says not revenge for his father.   This causes isolation because Hamlet now is against the new king, while everyone else supports Claudius, so Hamlet finds himself alone.   Hamlet finds that his father’s death is now his utter responsibility.   Hamlet said after talking to the ghost; “I’ll wipe away all trivial fond records, All saws of books, all forms, all pressures past, That youth and...


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