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The Electoral College 2

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    In my capacity as the independent political scientist from the state of Wyoming, I see it in the best interest of the people of this state to propose an Amendment to replace the Electoral College system with the Popular Vote of the majority of the people across the United States. My recommendations herein have considered every facet of support and evidence upon which the rationale for such a grotesque Amendment may be justified and effectuated. Considering the Electoral College has been characteristic of the voting history of this nation, it might seem abominable for someone to think in this regard, or worst still, mention such a proposal. However, though the Electoral College may be a

historical attribute typical of the Framers of the Constitution, the problems it now provokes took roots right from the conception of the entire scheme.

    In its conventional form, the structure of the Electoral College can be traced to the Centurial Assembly system of the Roman Republic. Under that system, the adult male citizens of Rome were divided, according to their wealth, into groups of 100. Each group was entitled to cast only one vote either in favor or against proposals submitted to them by the Roman Senate. In the Electoral College system, the States serve as the Centurial groups and the number of votes per State is determined by the size of each State\'s Congressional delegation. The problem today lies in how this nation has grown over the decades. Back then there were roughly 4 million people living in this nation. The masses could be controlled. There was the slimmest chance that an elected representative of a particular party would vote otherwise in the college. This issue, which is an advocate of corruption, seems to have taken roots towards the end of the 20th century.

    Throughout the decades, some politicians have striven to uphold that the function of the College of Electors in choosing the president can be likened to that in the...


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