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A Good Life

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When I was a child, I spent the most memorable years in a rural area near the beach.   It embodies the best of my ten years life.   However, when I was ten, my family moved to the city, and everything around me changed dramatically.   To me, a good life does not have to be complex.

I can still remember the joy inside the little cottage we had.   I used to wake up before dawn, and wake up my cousins.   We would climb over hills to see the sun rising which was truly a sublime scene.   We would lay on the grass, and enjoy the warmth the sun brings upon the earth, and listen to the sound of birds chirping, leaves shivering, and wind murmuring beside our ears.   We would breath in the air mixed with the fragrance of the grass and the salty smell of the ocean.   We would marvel all this land, and imagine that we were the only people on the earth.   I spent the golden years of my life in this joyful and simple rural area.

But five years ago, my family moved to the city, and I had truly a difficult time adapting to this overwhelming environment.   The city was immensely populated.   Standing in a mall is very suffocating for me.   People have turned this beuatiful land into an artificial and mechanical waste.   People in the city did not enjoy life as much as the people in rural areas.   The more people consume products, the more they deteriorate their environment.   In the air, all I can smell is the smoke from cigratte and traffic.   I miss my idyllic life in the rural area.   And to me, a good life is just as simple as living in a cottage for the rest of my life.


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