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Learning How to Tie a Tie

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Learning how to tie a tie is easy when you know what knot to do!

Why is learning how to tie a tie important? At some point in a man’s life he will be required to wear a tie. A function at school, going to church, a job, a job interview or a formal affair are all situations where men are expected to wear ties.

Some men never learned how while the rest of us were taught only one way of tying a tie. There are several ways to tie a neck tie and by learning how to tie ties quickly and easily you’ll be prepared for any occasion requiring a tie.

Fit to be tied !

Which knot? What kind of tie? What kind of shirt? Don’t worry you’ll learn everything you need to know about tying ties, the type of ties to choose and which shirts go with what ties and what knots.

Let’s start with the types of neck tie knots: Four in Hand Knot, Windsor Knot, Half Windsor Knot, Pratt Knot and the Bow tie Knot. Each knot is suited for a particular type of shirt or more specifically a shirt collar.

The Simple knot also known as the Four in Hand knot is very popular with beginners due its simplicity and the knot is well suited for any button down shirt. The Windsor knot and Half Windsor knot are excellent for thin material ties such silk and any dress shirt. The Pratt knot also known as the Shelby knot is also excellent for thin to medium thickness ties and just about any dress shirt. The Bow tie is primarily for formal occasions, but is making a come back in today’s men’s fashion.

I would recommend you learn at least the Four in Hand (Simple) knot as it works with just about any combination of tie material and shirt. Remember, when wearing a tie that it is the focal point and a representation of you. A poorly knotted tie projects sloppiness and reflects on you and your abilities. Take time to learn the proper way to tie ties because you’re worth it. Go ahead and tie one on!



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