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Was Germany Responsible for the Outbreak of World War I?

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The cause of World War I cannot be primarily attributed to any single act of any one nation.   To arrive at a reasonable conclusion one must consider all the underlying factors, weighting each one's liability to the cause. I can't understand why the blame would fall exclusively on Germany as the fundamental instigator.   This War was caused by the incitement of the Euro arms race, nationalism, antagonisms, and secret alliance systems.  


With Europe just ending their industrial revolution, all nations were increasing their standard of living and military power.   This economic growth, combined with the ability to engage in mechanized war, gave industrialized nations an advantage over others, thus establishing them as super-powers.   Each one was expanding their military powers and putting their militant plans into action, thus causing tension between the great nations.  

A fundamental development to the cause of the War was the Euro-alliances: the Triple Entente (Great Britain, Russia and France) and the Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy).   These great nation rivalries, as tremendous as they were before, became one major conflict with 'ColdWar-like' arms races and antagonisms, and nationalistic pride among their politics and citizens.  


Germany's own folly was with her Austria-Hungary alliance.   Austrian nationalists were inarguably a major instigator to the War.   Austria-Hungary was Germany's most trusted ally and Germany would not let harm come to her.   Germany had no choice but defend Austria-Hungary against their Serbian rivals.   Germany was unaware about Serbia's alliance with Russia and soon found themselves at war with the other super-powers of Europe.  


As the past records, Germany and her allies were the primary instigators to the War. This conclusion cannot truly serve a just ending to this chapter in history, as it would be a wrongful ruling against Germany....


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