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After World War, Japan and United States came out with a better economy.   The other countries like Britain, French, Germany, Russia needed to take out loans and rebuild their country from all the dismay during the war.   Economically, these countries counted on United States to give them loans.   United States was uncomfortable in their new positions as world leaders.   Many Americans felt it would be best to avoid political ties with other countries.   This was the idea of isolation, and it won wide support across the country.   A foreign policy advocating the avoidance of alliances with other nations in order to maintain freedom of action in world affairs.

They rejected the Treaty of Versailles and stayed away from the Leagues of the Nations.   However, European countries borrowed heavily from the United States during the war.   Thus, they could never stay isolated from the outside world.   For example, the Dawes Plan helped Germany recover from inflation by letting them borrow two hundred million to rebuild on.   Charles Dawes, an American banker and statesmen headed it.   The United States became an important source of income for all the countries.

The Isolation issue never came successful since problems occurred across the world.   United States expanded their business across the globe.   They expanded their overseas operations to Latin America.   Many countries depended on United States' goods too.   The world economy was based on the United States.   They were like a balanced house of cards.   If the United States fell, the whole world would collapse with it.  


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