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A Recipe for Revolution

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Today’s world subjects an individual to many different socio-religious-political influences. Out of those individuals come idealized leaders reinforcing their influences. In the increasing complexity of such memes and their interactions clarity and an understanding of evolutionary paths that is favored by nature-one that results in better survival- has become paramount. An assumption can boldly be made that violent or non violent constituents in the practice of such ideals eventually determine the desirable outcome namely the survival and success in the pursuit.

As such one begins to wonder what has happened to non-violence of Gandhian heritage. It seems a dead and irrevocable concept in the turbulent waters of today. If one said its no longer applicable, its not without ground. Let us see how an opposition to Gandhian nonviolence can be mounted.

It could have only worked against British

A finer point is the fact that any means of non-violence protest is sustainable provided the opposition has a moral value not to cross a certain line. Has it been the case where British practiced shoot or execute anybody who may protest by any means, then Gandhi would have been shot lot earlier, perhaps in the train in South Africa, and there would have been no mahatma or success of non violence. Take Hitler for example. Let alone resisting, even if you try to cooperate with German for the demise of Jews, as a Jew you can be sure you will be shot. Where do you put non-violence against such a tyranny?

There is no current conflict scenario where non-violence can be applied

It won’t be exaggeration to state that “almost all the current conflict in the world has an armed oppression against unarmed public.” The statement can be substantiated by following two different points. In the most direct sense it means an authority’s aggression towards specific category of people using the unitary powers they hold which...


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