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Austria-Hungary and Serbia

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June 28, 1914, the new Emperor Franz Ferdinand visits a crowd of people for the beginning of his rule.   A young Serb in the Black Hand named Gavrilo Princip takes a gun and murders Ferdinand.   The crowd is in shock and Austria-Hungary is angered that the Serbian destroyed one of their noble leaders.   On July 23, an ultimatum is sent to Serbia with a set of demands.   Serbia negotiates and accepts the demands for the unlawful deeds done by Princip; however, Austria-Hungary, in a red flurry heat of passion, declares war and begins World War I.   The war could not have been prevented as all the demands were set and accepted.

Accepting the ultimatum is not an option since they were so angry at them in the beginning.   Austria-Hungary could not have made another set of demands since they're demands were strong enough and tough enough.   Austria probably made those demands in such high levels that they wished to go in war.   They probably did not think Serbia would accept them.   Austria was too angry to have different plans.   Their military was trained and prepared for war.   If the war never occurred, Austria would have wasted lots of money on the training and preparation of the soldiers.   The other countries also spent huge amounts on military; thus, war would have occurred no matter what the consequences of Austria-Hungary.   The countries could have negotiated another deal, but why would they?   They're prepared for war; as a result, it's useless for them to discuss and talk about matters.


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