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German Attacks British Territory

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Hitler decided it would be best in Germany's interest to invade Britain since it was the only country in Europe who still held strong against him.   German initiated Operation Sea Lion.   A mission to take our Britain using seaborne tactics.   Before this plan could proceed, he needed to take out their defenses that included the Royal Air Force.   If he did not, these aircraft units could easily take out his naval forces.

In July 1940, the Germans' 1,200 fighter planes armed with machine guns and 1,300 bombers clashed into British air forces.   The British had only 700 serviceable fighters to defend their land.   British bases and cities were challenged with more than 1,000 Luftwaffe fighters and bombers.   The Royal Air Force pilots defended their homeland bravely and courageously took on over three, four, and even five missions a day.

The British looked weak compared to the huge amount of German forces, but they held two technologies that helped defend their country.   First, they possessed an electronic tracking system known as a radar allowed the British to determine the number, direction, and speed of incoming German warplanes.   Second, the British had a decoding machine called an Ultra.   These inventions allowed RAF fliers time to plan and scramble their attacks.

With these inventions, the high morale of the people, and the courageous fighting of the RAF, Hitler could not wipe out Great Britain.   Even with the cost of 300 to 600 lives lost per day, Britain did not surrender.   By the end of 1940, Hitler abandoned the Operation Sea Lion.


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