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Lord of the Rings

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For my essay I am writing about the importance of the well known character Frodo Baggins. Frodo Baggins is important because he reinforces the themes of courage, loyalty and friendship, and the fact that anyone can do anything.

Second paragraph

Frodo Baggins is a hobbit- a small dwarf-like creature. He is extremely energetic, friendly, brave, courageous and trustworthy. He was born into Hobbiton, in the midst of the shire, and shares a close bond with his beloved uncle, Bilbo Baggins.

Frodo’s family is one of high standing, and he is heir to Bilbo Baggins, finder of the ring- yet no one knows about this.

He likes to dress in bright colours, especially green and yellow. He wears no shoes. No hobbits do, as their feet are hard and hairy.

Frodo has many friends, as he is good natured and rather rich. He is extremely loyal to his best friends Sam, Merry and Pippin throughout the ‘lord of the rings’ movie, based on the trilogy written by J.R.R Tolkein.

Third paragraph

Throughout the film, Frodo reveals a strong theme of courage. Frodo knows the extent of the responsibility of the quest he must conquer, yet without hesitation, decides to abandon the fellowship, for better or for worse, and continue his journey alone.

This is a life-changing decision he made, yet he has no second thoughts.   Even though Sam insists on continuing with him, there is no Gandalf, Legolas or Aragorn to stand by his side and help him fight off armies of Orc’s and many other unpleasant obstacles along the way

Frodo really lets his bravery and courage shine through in this scene of the movie.

Fourth paragraph

Another theme Frodo proves to us is his loyalty and friendship. Throughout the film, Frodo is loyal to his friends and the fellowship, and is determined to complete the quest and destroy the ring once and for all.

He was at all times...


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