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Importance of Fathers

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A family can only be complete and happy with both parents working together to make the bonds of their family stronger. While fathers work to fulfill the financial needs, mothers tend to be the ones who take care of the home and children. However, children need support and love from both parents in order to grow up in a good, healthy environment. Fathers are needed to ensure that children learn respect for both parents, and the difference between good and bad.

Fathers who are always present in their children’s life would be respected and loved as much as children love their mothers. If fathers are always present in their children’s life then they will always be a part of their children’s happiness and sadness. Their opinion will be counted and will have a great influence on the children if they solve a problem for them. A single mother can also raise her child in a successful way but the presence of father will always be missed. Some children are unfortunate because they do not have fathers who will talk to them everyday and discuss their problems and the communication is through phone only. Children are very sensitive and get the feeling of being ignored. These kids will end up having more respect and love for their mothers than fathers as they have never been with them so they would not know how to respect their fathers. They may even end up resenting their father and the lack of communication between them.

Fathers can stop their children from getting involved in bad things like drugs and alcohol. It ultimately depends of how much a father is involved in his kid’s life and how the kid looks up to his father for love. If a father is involved fully in his child’s life then he can stop his child from doing bad things and probably explain him the pros and cons of these things from the beginning with patience of mind and calm attitude. Children often tend to do as they see their parents doing, and a father’s influence goes a long way in helping...


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