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Throughout my life I have never liked taking orders from anyone, especially someone my own age.   On Wednesday, January 17th, 2001, that was all about to change.   That dreadful afternoon was the first day that I arrived at Valley Forge Military Academy.   My squad leader told me something that I will never forget; “Son, you better have prayed that your parents love you because tomorrow will be the worst day of your life”.   He wasn’t lying.   For the next six weeks my squad leader was consistently in my face and making me do push ups.   But I kept my mouth shut and followed orders.   Earning my Cap Shield, an achievement that requires intense physical and mental toughness, proved that I could follow orders, one of the reasons I went to Valley Forge.

Valley Forge focuses on academics and discipline, two areas in which I was deficient.   I went to Valley Forge because I failed to keep my grades above minimum level and had little respect for authority.   Instead of focusing on my work, as my parents had ordered me to, I was more content spending all of my time with my friends after school.   This disregard for rules didn’t last more than one semester at my old high school.   My parents and I discussed other schools, which I should attend.   Most were private Catholic schools in Pennsylvania, but the one school that we all agreed upon was Valley Forge Military Academy.   No other private high school could provide the academic and structural discipline that I needed.   So the decision was made that I would attend Valley Forge beginning the second semester of my freshmen year.   That second semester would extend to three years.

Throughout the past three years, Valley Forge has changed me into a goal-oriented and civic-minded individual focused on a future career.   I have learned so much about the qualities that someone needs to be successful in today’s world.   These include: discipline, organization, honor, perseverance, leadership, and pride, the order in...


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