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From Republic to Empire

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(The age of the Caesars)

Julius Caesar came from an aristocratic patrician family in Rome, but by the time he was born his family fortune had dwindled. However, he was an astute politician and had a great military mind. The first thing he did was to ally himself with Crassus, the wealthiest man in Rome, and Pompey Romes best general. With their help he was elected consul in 59 B.C. though he could only serve for one year, he appointed himself governor of Gaul. The job included roman legions, so now Caesar had an army.

He trained his legions to be the greatest fighting force in history. The main thing he taught them was how to march long and fast. Thus with a few troops he was able to conquer all of Gaul. As a general he marched, fought, and worked alongside his men. For this they loved him, and would follow him anywhere, including up to the gates of Rome.

The way that occurred was that the triumvirate of Crassus, Pompey, and Caesar, finally broke apart after ten years. Crassus died campaigning in Asia Minor, and Pompey became jealous of Caesars success in Gaul. At his instigation the senate ordered Caesar home. But Caesar could not bring his troops with him, across Rome’s border. Fearing treachery Caesar hesitated but finaly crossed the Rubicon with his men. Pompey and the senate fled to Greece with their legions. There a civil war was fought. Caesar’s army prevailed and Pompey fled to Egypt where he was killed by the king of Egypt.

Caesar returned to Rome and had the senate appoint him dictator for life, he initiated a number of reforms including giving citizenship to all who lived on the Italian peninsula. His reforms as well as his popularity with the lower class led to fear and anger form the aristocratic upper class. Among these people a group of senators led by Brutus and Cassus, assassinated Julius Caesar on the ides of March in 44 B.C.

These men fled with an army to Greece as well, and were followed there...


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