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Every once in a while, when an NRI compares India to The US or The UK, I ask myself whether the juxtaposition of these two nations is fair and reasonable. A rational being does not draw a comparison between an infant and an adult. Then why such double standards when it comes to India? Their pride in being a part of a more powerful nation is quite evident.

Many believe that comparison is a necessary evil that enables one to strive for the better. My argument is that, why compare our young democracy to the mature American and English countries. What was the scenario in America eighty-five years after its independence? The whole country was embroiled in a civil war! If everyone gets to learn from his or her mistakes, then why should India be deprived of this opportunity?

India is a culturally diverse nation. Our representatives at the center have to think twice before introducing any radical reforms or legislations in order to avoid hurting the sentiments of any caste, community, religion or race. Thus, comparisons between India and another country on the level of the executive and legislative functioning are nonsensical as their cultural paradigms are poles apart.

As for the supercilicious NRIs , who never cease to praise the governance and the administrative system of The US and The UK, I have just three words for them- Balbir Singh Sodhi. Does it ring a bell? No? He was the same American Indian who became a victim of misguided hate for resembling a terrorist. He was shot on September 15, just four days after the unfortunate September11 attack on America. Experience has shown us that during times of domestic turmoil immigrants are viewed as aliens in their very own land. Nowadays, it takes just a bomb blast to trigger off a series of hate crimes against immigrants who have the look and feel of different. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this the same land that has been eulogized by people of Indian origin settled...


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