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The Word of Many Meanings

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Pride is not a strong enough word to describe dignity; it is only a formality of what could be described. Meaning, dignity has a stronger meaning that cannot be described as just one word. When I think of the word dignity, I think of pride, respect, self-esteem, and a hero. Of course it also means high rank, but to me it says pride in yourself, no matter what your ranking is.

    Dignity is made up of four different meanings. The first one is pride. Pride is about forty- five percent of the word dignity. It describes believing in yourself and in what you do. For example, having pride in who you are, which means showing yourself that you can do and be anything as long as you are yourself, show that you have self- esteem and respect for your self and others. Self-esteem and respect are another part of dignity. These two words have almost the same meaning as pride, but the difference between them is the feeling of being appreciative and showing consideration. For example, when I hear or see those men and women out there, fighting in the war against Ira, I give them a lot of respect for what they are doing. It isn’t easy risking your life for your country and that is dignity.

    A true hero is a different type of way to describe dignity. A hero stands up for what is right, for themselves, and for others. A hero is noted for their courage and nobility in sacrificing their life to save others. For example, all those men and women firefighters, risking their lives on 9/11, some succeeding and some not, all heroes. Another example would be all those soldiers, doctors, nurses, etc. helping those who were affected by hurricane Katrina. This storm left almost all of New Orleans homeless, and everyday people all around the United States are donating and collecting, food, money, medicine, and clothes just so they can get their lives back on track. So in a sense, we are all heroes. I think that each day we give our or do something good for the community, it...


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