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The Pledge of Allegiance

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To me the Pledge of Allegiance is a tool of propaganda used by the US government.   Why would they have kids say it everyday in school since kindergarten if they don’t even know what all the words mean?   If a school wants its students to follow all of the rules, they could make them read the rule book many times until it is instilled in their minds what they can and cannot do.   The same applies to the pledge.   After the hundreds of times of reciting the verses, a child will have a certain reaction to hearing the words of the pledge in normal conversations.   After learning what the pledge stands for and the literal meaning of all the words, that reaction will turn into reflecting onto their devotion to their country.   Doing this, the US government has created a race of people who unknowingly have a mental connection to their country.

The other issue that concerns me is the hypocrisy of the pledge.   If   the flag “stands” for “liberty” why is it that one cannot refuse to say it with their classmates.   A country is not free if one must constantly pledge their allegiance to it.   Our nation’s veterans did not fight and die so that one can say some outdated and controversial pledge everyday. They fought to preserve what this country stands for. And what it does stand for is freedom, freedom of speech, and freedom that no one has the right to tell us what to believe. Maybe the Government believes that if you do not recite a few words everyday, that means you support terrorism or that you are anti-American.   This, of course is not true.   It’s true that most people love this country and are glad they can have liberties that most people can’t, but they should be able to express they thankfulness their own way, instead of being forced to recite some old document that is outdated should not have to apply to everyone.   This also involves people who are offended by the mentioning of “under God” in the documents.   The people that are fighting against their country to have...


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