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The Superpowers After Wwii

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United States, a super power, it came out of World War II with the strength of supremacy.   None of the Axis bombs fell on American cities, nor did they hit the weapon factories.   The other super power, USSR, lost many cities from the Nazis.   Both lost many people during the war.   In the 1940's, United States dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.   The Soviet Union, planning for protection for the future of their country after the Nazi battles, was determined not to be left with the weaker weapon.   They began their own programs to produce the atom bomb and tested it in a remote part of Siberia.   This began a arms race for the two superpowers.   Winston Churchill stated it was "a balance of terror."   By no doubt, it was a dangerous race that had a change of destroying the world.

The atom bomb destroyed many people by burning, blinding, and killing.   In the many weeks later, people felt the aftereffects of it.   Radioactive fallout spread sickness and slow death across the broader area.   In 1952, American scientists made matters worse by producing the hydrogen bomb; thus, the Soviet Union also produced it a year later.   Both countries were arming themselves for the destruction of the world, it came to me as no surprise that they eventually tried to limit the production of weapons.   I can hope this arms race will not cause the utter destruction of the world during my lifetime and the lifetime of the future children of mother earth.


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