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Gone with the Wind

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The book, Gone with the Wind, is the most historical and greatest love story of all time. It is the epic story of Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler’s struggles through the Civil War and its aftermath. Reconstruction of the South and the no slaves law is hard on the community in witch Scarlett lives. Scarlett losses everything from her best friend to her parents’ and their land. Dealing with friendship, love, hate, and family makes you want to not stop reading until you are done.

First there is Scarlett O’Hara, the protagonist of the story, and daughter of Gerald and Ellen O’Hara and is used to getting her way. She surrounds herself with young men, flirting mercilessly and is not above stealing the beaux of others. Next in the story, there is Ashley Wilkes, husband of Melanie, and Scarlett’s only love. He is unable to cope with the new world and the death of his close friends and family. And lastly, Rhett Butler, Scarlett’s life-long antagonist who is in love with her since they met. He is also the father of Scarlett’s third and last child, Bonnie Blue.

As the story starts, we find Scarlett at her beloved homestead, Tara. As the Civil War begins and the men leave for battle, Scarlett stays at Tara. Later she moves in with Melanie after giving birth to Wade. She then went back to Tara after the Union had marched through and burned everything in site. Scarlett finds the taxes of her land have gone up and she is unable to pay because she has no slave labor. She sells part of Tara so she can pay for the unbearable taxes. Then sells the rest of Tara

The Civil War put a lot of stress and pressure on Scarlett; she had to deal with lots of deaths including her first and second husbands, family and Melanie. She had to be strong and have lots of courage to bear the war. When she returned to Tara she found a Union man marching through and she shot him with a gun, something that will always be on her conscience. She also had to sell Tara, her beloved land...


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