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Deceitful Democrats

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The Democratic Party that has produced such great leaders as Presidents

Wilson, Roosevelt, and Kennedy has fallen to new lows.   The corruption

started with President Johnson, and has continued with morally weak leaders

like Carter and Clinton.   Throughout most of the Party are spiritually

insane doctrines such as the right to kill through abortion, the approval of

homosexual lifestyles, and \"the end justifies the means\" mentality.   While

it is true that Republicans are also lacking in virtue, they come nowhere

near the degree of arrogance, hypocrisy, vengeance, and self-righteousness that exists in the Democratic Party, where true wisdom is practically non-existent.

Today\'s Democrats continue to \"use\" the media, the elderly, union workers,

and minority groups to further their political ambitions.   Their tactics

include slander, lies and half-truths.   Although the American public has rejected their permissive opinions, Democrats continue to act like they are the majority party, refusing to address how, or why their moral standards sicken most Americans, and others throughout the world.

Democrats foolishly refuse to compare the millions killed through abortion

to the deaths in the Iraq war that brought freedom to millions, or the death penalty that involves a trial by jury.   Lacking a vision for the future and a sense of justice, Democrats do not see that a far smaller number have died in Iraq, and through the death penalty.   Democrats often speak of \"freedom,\" but do not fight to defend the freedom of choice for human beings who are being considered for abortion.   They remain indifferent to the fact that no legal defense or jury trial is allotted the innocents killed through abortion.

Even Pope Benedict XVI acknowledged that Catholics may disagree with the Pope on the reasons for going to war and the death penalty, but not on abortion or...


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