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Euthanasia consist to end the life of a terminally ill patient who is in intense pain. The debate over legalised voluntary euthanasia is a polemic subject today which still opposing people. In fact, some believe that it is a murder act and as far a crime of human beings. However those one are wrong.

First of all, euthanasia or mercy killing can be a help to all patient in extreme pain. In fact sometimes, some patients are terminally ill or they have been suffering for a long time and there is no other option instead of death. In this case, patient can voluntary choose ton end is life in order to escape prolonged suffering. Terri Schiavo, 41-year-old woman in Florida is an example. Terri was severely disabled for over fifteen years and been diagnosed as being in a persistent vegetative state. What more the doctor could do in this case?   Her husband was for euthanasia and her parents did not. Her family wanted to keep her alive because they are catholic and euthanasia is forbidden in this religion because considered as a crime. They believed also that Terry will be one day healed. Finally Terriā€™s feeding tube has been removed and she died two weeks later.

Obviously, euthanasia can make sometimes save money. In fact the patient can be a burden for his family. With the rising cost of medical care and medicine, the patient would be concerned that by prolonging his life he would generate significant costs that could be very

hard for his family to support, especially those one who are very limited financially. This case is a serious problem in Africa where many people do not have enough money and have been ill for a long time. Generally, in this case, family and even the patient decide to practice euthanasia because there is no hope to be healthy again and their money is not enough.

Finally those who believe that euthanasia is a crime are wrong and do not see the whole picture. What happens to...


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