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You’re walking home, you think someone is behind you but when you turn to check, nobody is there.   Is this just paranoia playing games with your head?   Or is there really someone behind you?   Stalking isn’t really something any of us need to worry about as teens, but there could be some valuable information in the proceedings of this speech.   Today we are going to profile three different types of stalkers.  

Before we begin the profiling section, I thought it would help you to better understand a stalker if I gave the definition of one.   Let’s take a look into the Marian Webster Dictionary to check it out.   Stalker – One who walks swiftly and haughtily in pursuit of prey.   Hmm, very interesting.   This means that if you are a hunter, you are also a stalker.   Anyways, back to the three different brands.  

First and foremost, I’d like to make it clear that I am only informing you for your safety.   In other words, don’t try this at home.  

The first type of stalker I’ll profile is Jack, “The Rejected Stalker.”   Jack is typically a male whose partner, typically a female friend in a relationship, has ended or tried to end their relationship.   Jack usually wants to either extract revenge on the victim, or try to get back with her.   There isn’t really a personality in Jack and his type, but the print out that I have says that there is, I think they’re lying.   They say that Jack may have high levels of narcissism (egotistical or selfish) or jealousy.   Jack may also feel humiliated or have poor social skills, maybe a social outcast.   When stalking, Jack tries to be persistent and intrusive.   Jack also may try to employ intimidation and assault their victim.   The time that this lasts is usually till you call the cops on him.  

The second type of stalker Bob, is “The Resentful Stalker.” Bob is trying to frighten someone and put them in a situation of distress.   Bob usually does this to take out some sick and...


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