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The holocaust is an atrocity to human intelligence and human dignity. It overshadows all other events in history in terms of organized crimes. The question of how it happened and why no one stopped still prolongs today. Many believe that it was caused by racial intentions, and a belief of a superior race. All these theories are compounded into one simple solution. Adolf Hitler’s upbringing instilled anti-Semitist attitudes, which lead to the Holocaust. Hitler’s childhood was the main influence in the uprising of his feelings towards Jews. His family and religious beliefs affected the way he perceived Jewish people. As a result when he became the leader of Germany Hitler perceived anti-Semitism as a daily practice, thus he began to instill his beliefs in the people of Germany. This eventually led to the mass murder of Jewish people in Europe.

The source of Hitler’s anti-Semitism can be traced back to his childhood.   Hitler’s grandmother was employed in a Jewish merchant\'s household in Graz. When she returned to the Austrian village of Braunau she gave birth to her son who she named Alois (Hitler’s father) For the next fourteen years she received child support payments from the family in Graz. Many people immediately assumed that the Jewish merchant was the father of Alois. The Hitler family immediately denied the claim, however it was impossible to assert that a Jewish merchant would pay child support for so long without a good reason.   This represented a dilemma for the Hitler family because they had to live with the disgrace of a half Jewish child. For Alois the suspicion of him being of Jewish descent was unbearable since he lived in an anti-Semitist environment.   Therefore the only thing he could do to take out his anger was to beat his son Hitler.   Alois would beat Hitler ruthlessly everyday. These daily beatings had a devastating effect on Hitler.   “In an attempt to exorcise his childhood fears, his son nurtured the manic delusion...


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