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Becoming a Nurse

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Why is the completion of a postsecondary program important to you, and what do you hope to achieve once you get a degree?

There are a lot of ways to have a nice future without even graduating high school. But those ways are just for a few lucky people in this world. Else, if you need to achieve something you have to graduate from high school, go to college & achieve a degree.

Personally I need to graduate high school, because I don’t think every people in this world will achieve a nice future without graduating high school and achieving a degree from a college or universities. Since I am trying to become a nurse I need to get good grades in my high school. There are a few reasons for me to complete the postsecondary program.

                One reason is like I said before there are only a few people in this world who are so lucky that they don’t even need to graduate from high school and still become rich. But it’s not necessary that everybody in this world is going to have that luck. For example: Lets think of a student who quit from his high school before he graduates. Since he didn’t   graduate high school he can’t go to college so he probably would start begging on every single shop nearby for a job, because he need money for living. Thus he becomes a disappointed man and start thinking about his past high school days. He even thinks to go to a school get some degree.

    Another reason is achieving a degree. Having a nice degree is like having money in your hands. A person with a degree can have a job according to his degree level in a business area or somewhere where he can make money in his own and he can make his dreams come true. In fact it’s not that easy to attain a degree without trying hard and going to college and learn well. Since I am trying to go for nursing or medicine I need to get an RN degree. I know this degree is a 2-year program and I am trying go to a community college. When I get my RN degree I can...


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