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Julius Caesar

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In the earlier days one ruler was very common, most people didn’t agree with that though, just like in Julius Caesar.   Julius Caesar is one of the most admired plays in literature.   There were a lot of strengths as well as some weaknesses of Julius Caesar.   It is a well written play that defines a time and nation.   One of the play’s weaknesses is how easily flattered characters can be, and one of the play’s strengths is its ability to foreshadow.

Flattering someone is one of the best ways to get what you want from someone.   In act I scene iii the conspirators flatter Brutus by forging letters to get him to believe Caesar is gaining to much power; these letters will convince Brutus to join the conspiracy against Julius Caesar.   Brutus wasn’t the only character to be flattered Caesar was flattered by anyone.   In act II scene ii Caesar is flattered by Decius to come to the senate house, he says that Calpurnia misinterpreted her dream.   In line 83 of act II scene ii Decius says,

“This dream is all amiss interpreted;

It was a vision fair and fortunate:

Your statue spouting blood in many pipes,

In which so many smiling Romans bathed

Signifies that from you great Rome shall suck

Reviving blood, and that great men shall press

For tinctures, stains, relics and cognizance.

This by Calpurnia\'s dream is signified.”

The weaknesses of these events are that these characters were so gullible that it almost seems unrealistic.   Brutus believed that some random letters were true and so he would kill someone because he believed in them.   Also, Caser wouldn’t listen to his own wife’s dream and what she had to say.  

Although flattering someone is a convincing way to get something, foreshadowing an event is suspenseful and keeps your mind guessing.   Foreshadowing in Julius Caesar is everywhere; there are many good examples of foreshadowing in this play.   In act I scene ii the soothsayer gives...


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