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British Monarchy

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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has one of the oldest intuitions that are the British Monarchy. With in the rich history of the British Monarchy there have been great People who have Influence the monarchy and the people of the Island nation of Great Britain. Some significant individuals that have changed the British Monarchy the most were not born in to the job. Some of these historic individuals are George VI who Became King when his elder brother Edward VII abdicated in 1936. Diana, Princess of Wales married into the intuition. While other were born to stand on the sidelines and watch their brother or sister be the monarch, while trying to find some thing appropriate with they own lives. The major people who help form today’s monarchy and what the public thinks of the monarchy.

Henry the VII was born in Greenwich, England on the Twenty-eight day of June 1491. (Britannica, Pg 143) Henry was the second son of Henry VII. Henry’s elder brother Arthur died in 1509. Henry took Arthur’s Wife Catherine of Aragon as his own wife soon after Arthur death. Henry impregnated Catherine six times during their marriage. The only one who lived to adult hood was Queen Mary I or Bloody Mary. Henry wanted a male heir badly he was convinced that Catherine was not able to bare males because he was able to have sons with his mistress,

Henry soon fell in love with Anne Boleyn and wanted to marry, but he was still married to Catherine. Henry sent a letter to Pope Clement VII asking him to grant a divorce. When the pope refused, Henry broke off all ties to the Catholic Church and found his own. “ 1534 the act of supremacy decaled Henry himself to be supreme Head of the Church of England.”   (Britannica, Pg 143) Henry soon after married Anne Boleyn Anne soon Gave birth to Queen Elizabeth I. Soon after the birth of Elizabeth   Henry had Anne tried for witchcraft, Anne was found guilty and behead.

Days after beheading Anne Boleyn Henry VII...


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