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Smart Strategies for a Job Interview

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A job interview can be successful if you follow a number of smart strategies. Some of these strategies are to have a well written resume, an appealing personal appearance, and a prepared plan of action regarding questions for the interviewer.

First of all, the resume plays a very important role for a job interview. What the interviewer is going to think depends on how the resume is written. It is necessary to organize ideas that describe your work experience. Also, you need to mention your best qualities which are related with the job you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a job in which you are going to be with a computer,and phone calls, it is relevant to say how fast you type on the computer and if you do speak more than one language. In addition, have in mind to use high level vocabulary words and proper grammar. Therefore, you may consider a friend’s or professor’s opinion in order to check your resume before showing it to a prospective employer.

Secondly, it is important to present yourself well. That means to have a nice appearance. Consequently, you need to be careful with the clothes you are going to wear, and the hairstyle you are going to use. Even little details such as having clean teeth and neat nails, can prevent you from an embarrassing situation. If you are a woman, try to avoid “mini-skirts” for a job interview, since that could cause a misunderstanding. Also, a person who seems to have dirty hair makes a poor impression. Hence, if you have free time go to a hair salon before going to the interview.

Finally, before you arrive at the job interview, it is good idea to have a couple of questions for the interviewer. For instance, you can ask if the job you are applying for does cover “sick days” and health insurance. Also, it is important to know if you are going to have vacation time and how often. It is also essential to ask how much you are going to earn, and how often are you...


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