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Homosexuals & Reality

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The right to marry is a basic human right that every human being deserves (HRW 1).   However, people don\'t seem to agree with that and discriminate against the homosexuals who desire marrying their partner.   With that said, homosexuals should be allowed to marry their partners regardless of their sex, and should have equal rights just as any other human-being.  

One example of equal rights and the right to marry is how Governor Jon Blagoveich made it a point to “Extend equal protection for its gay and lesbian citizens”(Blagoveich 1).   Yet, what most homosexuals don\'t understand is “...how it is that they extended protection laws for gays, yet still they cant marry one another” (Brexington 3).   Marrying   the same sex not only brings up questioning amongst people in reality, but it doesn\'t allow you to obtain the following rights: choose a partners final resting place; obtain pension benefits if the partner dies; get a fair settlement of property when the relationship ends; share equal rights and responsibilities for children in their care; and make medical decisions on a partners behalf when he/she is sick.   To briefly put what was just said, homosexuals obvisouly aren\'t allowed to get the rights as a [normal] or [straight] human being would, if they were in a married relationship.

In my opinion, I think that homosexuals should be allowed to marry.   Despite their differences between [straight] and [homosexuals], if one being feels as though they are in love and want to get married; why stop them?   There isn\'t much of a point in stopping one from getting married if they desire it.   Also, to touch bases on discrimination against homosexuals-- there shouldn\'t be any such thing as that.   Every human being is there own person and, if they choose to be gay, lesbian, or straight, they shouldn\'t be judged or discriminated against just because of what they [are].   Nor should they be denied rights as though they aren\'t a human being.  



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