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"Make animal testing illegal! Give evil scientists 30 yrs of prison for their torture experiments!" - Muhammad Ali


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If we receive a gift from someone, which we didn’t expected, brings a lot of happiness to us. We get shock and sometime we scream. Sometime we get so excited that we can’t express our feeling. When a child is born he/she gets a gift of language from the God. Which he/she can’t hide and announce by crying. He/she tells us they also got a gift of language like everyone does. Language is not limited to any race, country and religion. Language is not only of one kind. They are as many as the stars on the sky. Language spreads over the world as the bird spreads its wings. Languages are unlike, like flowers which are of different types and they smell different. Language is not only spoken between human. In addition, language is also spoken between animals. Such as, dogs bark and cats meow etc. If the language is common in both human and animals then the question is raised what is a language? The combination of some words which spilt out from the mouth by he help of tongue and lips and produces noise (voice) is called language. Language is the power of life/tongue, which explore all the different ways to communicate peoples.

Language is the identity of a person. Language denominates the persons personality. It describes the ability of a person like a person’s education and his background. What kind of family he belong too? In a group of multi nationality peoples. You can figure out what kind of nationality each of them have by their language and you can guess which country they belong to. For example, a person specking Russian is probably from Russia and Arabic specking is from Arab etc. Even some professions are identifies by a specific language and only they can understand that language. Such as, medical language (Biology), identify the doctors and an ordinary person can’t understand their language. Mathematic languages identify the engineers. Somehow, a person religion can be identified by his holly book language. For example, Arabic language describes the...


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